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  • What is Hemp Extract?
    Hemp Extract might be referring to many different things depending on who you ask. Here at TSG, we refer to any Hemp Derived Cannabinoid as a Hemp Extract. Sometimes this will be referring to CBD Isolate, CBD Broad Spectrum Oil, CBD Full Spectrum Oil, Delta 8 Oil, Delta 9 Oil, Delta 10 Oil. The label will always dictate which extract(s) are in that particular formula. Reading every formula is extremely important to make sure you get the right products for your needs.
  • What is a hemp product?
    A hemp product is anything made from or including hemp in the formula.
  • Are the products Third Party Lab Tested?
    Yes, every product has a third party lab test available to see in the photo section.
  • Should I consult with a Dr. before use?
    While CBD is considered safe, and generally speaking you shouldn't have any problems ingesting hemp products, we do recommend consulting with your primary care physician before taking on any new continuous health regimen.
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